Our Mission
Mundus Artium Press and Artium: A
Journal of International Mundus
seek out in
Literature and written form
what Matthew Arnold called “the best
that is known and thought in the world.
We are dedicated to publishing new and
accomplished authors, especially those
whose work is being translated from the
lesser-known languages into English.
Our mission is of necessity one of
translation, both of language and of
culture and worldview. To the extent
that such a project can be a dialogue,
Mundus Artium will be a dialogue. Our
catalog of books and our journal will
showcase work that pairs innovative
language and aesthetics with a global
The collection in this poetry volume,
Gold and Frost (L’or et le gel), which
consists of four parts, poses the
question of survival, life after the loss of
something precious, in the various strata
of that life, which is increasingly
threatened by the materialistic,
technological world. The first section of
this book examines the primal elements
of earth, fire, air, and water,
rnetonyrnically seen as Man, Woman,
Tree, Insect/Bird, and Sea... |
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Mundus Artium Press
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For Georg Trakl the process of poetic
creation is dialectical; it functions in terms
of dualities and opposites. Poetic creation
springs from the awareness of the schism
between the aesthetic "I" and all that is not
the "I," between self and "other." In Trakl's
early poetry this rupture and the resulting
tensions is manifested as the one
common to most Western cultures,
between the perceiving "I" and the external
world of objects... |
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