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Our Mission
Mundus Artium Press and Mundus
Artium: A Journal of International
Literature and the Arts
will seek out in
written form what Matthew Arnold called
“the best that is known and thought in
the world. We are dedicated to
publishing new and accomplished
authors, especially those whose work is
being translated from the lesser-known
languages into English. Our mission is of
necessity one of translation, both of
language and of culture and worldview.
To the extent that such a project can be
a dialogue, Mundus Artium will be a
dialogue. Our catalog of books and our
journal will showcase work that pairs
innovative language and aesthetics with
a global perspective.
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Professor Rainer Schulte, the founder of the Mundus Artium Press and
Mundus Artium Journal, is the Director of The Center for Translation
Studies at UTD and the editor of Translation Review, a journal dedicated
to the critical and scholarly aspects of translation studies. In 1978 he
co-founded the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA), whose
national office is also located at UT Dallas. Through his editorial work,
as well as through his own publications on the art and craft of
translation, he has raised the visibility of translation in the United States
and has been instrumental in promoting literary translation at other
universities. He has translated poetry and fiction of writers from Latin
America, Germany, and France. His most recent monograph, Traveling
Between Languages: The Geography of Translation and Interpretation,
demonstrates how translation methodologies can promote the reading
and interpretation of literary and humanistic texts and foster
interdisciplinary thinking and research.

Professor Schulte is a specialist in comparative literature, in
contemporary international literature, in translation studies, in the
practice and theory of literary translation, and in interdisciplinary studies
in the arts and humanities. His publications include several books of
poetry, translation criticism, literary translations, and numerous essays
and scholarly articles on contemporary international writers and the
application of translation methodologies to the interpretation of literary
and humanistic texts. Professor Schulte developed UT Dallas' Center for
Translation Studies to create and implement a new paradigm for
teaching literature and the Humanities and to promote cross-cultural

Professor Schulte is the chair of the Jury for the Helen and Kurt Wolff
Translation Prize for the best translation of a German work published in
2007, funded by the Foreign Office of Germany and given by the Chicago
Goethe Institute; he participates as a moderator and panelist in the
annual Helen & Kurt Wolff Symposium at the Goethe Institut, Chicago;
he oversees the annual conference of the American Literary Translators
Association; and he is the Program Committee Chair of the Dallas
Goethe Center... |
Founder’s Profile
Dr. Rainer Schulte, Founder
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